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Choosing your Paint.

Posted by James Happnie on Monday, October 31, 2011,
Choosing paint on the surface seems very simple right? It may not be quite as simple as you think. There are too many brands to mention and even more products in each brand. If you're looking for an inexpensive paint you can go just about anywhere but If the price is right, the product is usually wrong. You get what you pay for with paint as with most things. A $5.00 savings per gallon could make a big difference in coverage and durability. Hire me to paint in your home and you get top qualit...
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About the owner

Jim Happnie Born in 1964 and graduated from Quincy High School in 1982. I started painting in the summer before my senior year. After working in the painters union and a partnership in Happnie Painting I opened Happnie Homes in 2004. We provide painting and other home improvement services to the south shore, greater Boston and beyond.


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