What is Paintenance?


The "Paintenance Plan" is an exclusive service provided by Happnie Homes designed to make investment property and home maintenance more affordable. 

For exterior painting we would paint a minimum of 1 side of your home each year until the project is complete. When  we return to do a new side we will touch up the previous years side at no additional cost. 

The "Paintenance Plan" also works great for landlords. As your tennants move out we come in and repaint your apartments. We recommend the same color scheme for all of your properties. This makes the process simple for both Happnie Homes and the landlords. Once a unit is converted to basic colors it is very easy for us to come in and repaint only the areas that look bad and minimize the costs.

Budget Pricing

The "Paintenance Plan" can significantly reduce the long term maintenance costs for multi family investment property and as a homeowner a complete paint job can take its toll on your budget. By using our system you can defray the costs to 2-4 years on a complete exterior paint job. 

We will also work with you on window replacements and other projects to try and keep the numbers within your budget.
Please go to the contact us page and make sure you tell us about your project and time schedule. Missing rent payments is not an option!

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